Apt 4 Series


Apt 4 series 

                    -Lay and Rest                                    2019 

                    -My Room                                          2020

                    -Apt 4                                                 2020

Lay and Rest

My Room

Apt 4


Ig: quien.quien


Thank you to all those who have critiqued this work. Especially Erica, my advisor, having zoom meetings with you was always a highlight of the week, your feedback was super thoughtful on so many fronts. My first studio visit was with my advisor last term and grateful for help aligning me down this project. Its wonderful to feel like I had so many professors and TA's that felt like mentors... Shout out to Senior thesis, Printmaking, my first year seminar, and every sculpture professor I have had. I have had amazing architect and engineering professors and others outside of art that fostered interdisciplinary creativity. Pill and Jack and Dad, but also everybody who took time out of their day to be a temp artist assistant, and my old suite mates who had to live with my mess I am indebted. Uncle Inson, O, and Mom, as well as the rest of my family and and friends  y'all were fantastic support and kept my boat afloat. Dean Hill has tackled many problems for me and I can think of so many teachers leading up to college that have pushed me and have done the same, thanks.